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Welcome to the online payment program for Intermountain Pediatric Imaging
(formerly Pediatric Radiology, P.C.)

As an added convenience to our patients, parents and guardians, you have the option of paying your imaging bill online. Please complete all the fields in the billing information section. Your Account Number can be found on your bill. A verification receipt will be emailed to you upon completion of the transaction. If you choose not to enter an email address, simply type "N/A" and your payment will be processed accordingly.

There are three payment methods available to you: checking, savings, and credit card. Select which method you prefer and enter the information requested. Please indicate your payment amount and click on the make payment icon.

With our online payment system you have the ability to make payments any time of day and as often as you would like.

Questions about your bill?
Are you experiencing financial hardship and would like to set up payment terms?
Questions on using our online bill pay service?

Please contact our billing office at (801) 487-0451.

Thank you.

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